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We offer Generic Tire Rotation Reminder Service Stickers

Generic Tire Rotation reminder service stickers remind your customers when they need to visit a garage to rotate their tires again to extend their life time. Generic Tire Rotation reminder service stickers are available in four languages and printed on 2 different materials. the stickers contain the following texts/bars :

  • English [your next tire rotation is due - KMs/Miles]
  • French [Votre prochaine rotation des pneus est due á- KMs/Miles]
  • Spanish [Próxima Rotación De Llantas Es A Hacer Al - KMs/millas]
  • German [Ihre Nächste Reifendrehung bei - KM/Meilen]


We offer Custom Tire Rotation Reminders Service Stickers as well


Generic Tire Rotation Reminder Sticker Prices :

22.1¢ ea
19.3¢ ea
20¢ ea
14¢ ea
10¢ ea
9¢ ea
White Static ClingC$11.95C$19.15C$49.95C$69.95C$99.95C$179.95
White Low Tack VinylC$11.95C$19.15C$49.95C$69.95C$99.95C$179.95

Order your Generic Tire Rotation Reminder Stickers now :

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Sample Generic Tire Rotation Reminder Sticker Artworks

You can browse a few custom Generic Tire Rotation Reminder sticker artwork designs below, and by clicking on any thumbnail images you will see the artwork samples in higher resolution


A few reasons and advantages to order your generic Tire Rotation reminder service stickers from

  • the lowest prices on the market in the automotive industry - in case you know any other suppliers who has better prices on the same product/service that we provide, we match the price and give you an extra 5% OFF too!
  • there is no any hidden cost on our products, the price you see is the price you pay !
  • we offer the two most popular tire rotation reminder sticker materials (white static cling, white removable low tack or ultra-low tack vinyl) for the same price, you will always get the best result on opaque white stickers; better protects the writing against fading, better visual appearance in most of the lighting conditions
  • stickers are available in four languages [English, French, Spanish and German]
  • the most popular tire rotation reminder sticker size 1 7/8 x 1 7/8) 1.875" x 1.875"
  • rounded corner square shape 
  • we use the highest quality materials, made in the USA - cheaper quality cling products usually thinner, and they do not have enough static charge to keep the stickers on the windshield, many times they fall down in a few days.
  • standard FREE CanadaPost lettermail shipping or $10 flat regular shipping charge to any addresses in the USA or in Canada. Expedited, overnight or express service extra.
  • we do not offer products from third party suppliers, we do all the related tasks in house from artwork setup till shipping - this solution saves you time and money, and you will always get the same high quality products from us.


Generic Tire Rotation Reminder Stickers product information:

  • 4 or 7 color printing process, using CMYK or CMYKLcLmLk ink configuration
  • eco-solvent inks for both save the environment, and keep the print vivid and fresh, not allowing fading
  • high quality static cling materials 8 mil (0.008") in thickness, or removable low tack vinyl materials ~3 mil (0.003") in thickness
  • tire rotation reminder service labels are precisely die-cut individually, and will be shipped 9 stickers on each sheet


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